Beta is now live!

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Welcome to the FUTURE!

The latest version of the Wonder Beta is now live! You can find a link to create your new Space at the end of this message, but like all things, it helps to read the instruction manual first :kissing_heart:

The Beta will be separated into 3 phases. Each phase will include a slew of new features for you to test. This Community group will be updated whenever there are new features to test. 

Phase 1 is currently live and we are asking you to test the following:

  • General stability of audio and video.

  • Changing the background image of the room.

  • Sharing your screen in a circle

  • Naming the room

  • Sharing the Co-Host Privileges 

Phase 2 and 3 will have new features for the hosts to test.


How you can help:

  • Join us in our community testing sessions! where we will troubleshoot, chit chat, and host key stakeholders from across the Wonder team. You’ll be able to share direct feedback to the engineers, marketing team, and founders in real time. 

  • Find some bugs! Whenever you find a bug post it in the comments below! The user with the most ‘bug submits’ wins a special prize $$.**

  • Leave feedback: Access the exit survey by clicking the “leave room” button on the bottom right and share your thoughts. You can also share your thoughts in the thread below.

:boom::boom::boom::boom::point_right::point_right::point_right::point_right:Create your new space here:point_left::point_left::point_left::point_left::boom::boom::boom::boom:

**when submitting a bug, please give us the following information:

-brief description
-what operating system and browser you’re using.
-If helpful, a screenshot or video.


Keep in mind there is daily maintenance everyday between 9-10amCEST.

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  • I noticed I can add an emoji to my room name. Does that have potential to break things down the road?
  • Question: Are background images optimized on the server when uploaded? Another way to word this would be, “Is it a bad idea to download full resolution image from Unsplash and upload it to”
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Bug or feature?

MacOS Mojave

Wonder room 1 open in browser Brave (Chrome based)
Wonder room 2 open in browser Brave Incognito, to make it possible to enter one room with two profiles.

Profile 1 is in Wonder room 1.
Profile 2 in room 2.

Profile 1 walks to Profile 2 to start a circle.
Profile 1 makes the circle private.
Profile 1 leaves the circle.

I notice that Profile 1 can’t start a new circle with Profile 2 as long as Profile 2 doesn’t move.
It seems that Wonder keeps Profile 2 in a locked circle, on his own.

I guess that’s not the intention? If you forgot to say something in the locked circle of 2 people, you want to start the circle again with that person, even if he/she didn’t move.    

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@Hans I can confirm the error on Windows 11 as well (on Edge).

If a circle is made private, the one closing it has to move to be included in a circle again.

Other than that, I’ve had no big issues so far.

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In the space editor, one level down, the arrow to close the choice with is pointing left even if it opens, and thereby closes, to the right.

A right pinting arrox might do the trick.

Image enclosed.

Or rather, come to think of it, maybe the menu that comes sailing from the right should have a right pointing arrow to match the movement. The level choices could have an “X” since there is no movement involved.

But this will of course depend on the rest of the interface.

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This is as far as I got when I tried to set up my room: 


Clicking did not get me anywhere, so I could not grant browser permission.  The same happened when I tried to join the room with the link sent by email.  Maybe something with my browser settings?  But I never had this problem before with my other rooms.

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Not sure what problem this small self-view window is solving. It is very small. Was the intent just to see that your camera is working?


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You are correct, the emoji support is optimized throughout and won’t cause an issue.

As for the background image/canvas:

“In terms of performance, there might be negative performance for bigger files. The first is the time it takes the users to download the image. The bigger it is, the longer it will take.
The other negative impact will be to the performance of the canvas rendering. The more information the browser needs to go through to create a frame (and ideally we’ll have 60 of those every second), the more cpu it will need to process the frame.

excellent points I’ll continue the convo with product!

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@Hans @roklipni EXCELLENT detective work, bug indeed. tech team is aware :)

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our research found that gatherings are better experienced without an awareness of the self camera view. We wanted to make it as discreet as possible. I’ll share your feedback as most likely after the initial release you will be able to scale it as you like.

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I have now created a co-host and tried all variants of screen sharing both ways without any problems at all. Running updated win 10 and chrome om both computers.

I even shared an update window, i e a window that disappeared during the share. No problems. Share disconnected nicely.

Depending on your plans, I am not sure I like that the co-host relationship is for life.

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@AnkeH Is it possible that camera / microphone access is blocked by default? If you’re using Chrome, try clicking the lock icon in the URL bar:

What does it say for the devices (where it says “Allow” in my screenshot)? If you’re using another browser, let me know!

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@jchris Indeed for now you’re committed, but co-host divorce is definitely planned 😄

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@steve.paladino great point of feedback about small self-view. The idea is for this to be the default based on the research @WonderMichael mentioned. Indeed, in the future we want to give you the option to enlarge your self-camera view and appear next to other videos on top! 

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@balpha co-host divorce :joy: Definitely in the pipeline, we don’t want to force you into lifelong commitments that are not sustainable.

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Thank you all for your feedback on my problem with the browser permision yesterday.  It actually solved itself - after restarting the computer, it worked fine and I could try out my alpha room today.  No idea what exactly the problem was, but most likely it had nothing to do with wonder :-)

Very cool, happy to test :)

Is this set or just for now: “Once a participant becomes a host, it’s a lifetime relationship!” Hopefully we can control that.


RE: Screen-sharing, I cannot see the option to screen share at all. I am on Chrome.


The rest is great. Uploaded a VERY large imaze size and have no problem with it, although I would have preferred if it expanded the area of the room. My hope was/is to be able to set a very large canvas in order to create the sense of space and exploration..



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our research found that gatherings are better experienced without an awareness of the self camera view. We wanted to make it as discreet as possible. I’ll share your feedback as most likely after the initial release you will be able to scale it as you like.

It is really amazing. Great research. I experienced this today during our live session. It really calms down the eye movement. Well done.

Is this set or just for now: “Once a participant becomes a host, it’s a lifetime relationship!” Hopefully we can control that.

 I’d have to agree here. If - for some reason - we’d like to revoke the co-host priviliges, it should be possible.


Other than that, great stuff!

When changing the room name there is no user feedback. I change the name in the text field of the host settings area and don’t have to click on “ok” or don’t get some feedback text “room name changed” after pressing Enter or something like this. It works but it’s a bit irritating for the user that nothing happens.

I get a pop-up telling I will not have a smooth experience due to my Internet connection which I find a bit odd as my speed should be adequate  (see screenshot) - how is this calculated?



Question - will there be a possibility to arrange the areas (size, shape and placement)?




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@Klaus Salminen thanks for the message!

We did indeed introduce the pop up message about internet speed yesterday but it was, as you can seem flawed a bit :D we are working on this as we speak. For the bare bones we generally suggest 25mps for any video conferencing platform.

As for your question about the areas, we will implement the ability to customize them completely soon!

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Areas are available for testing :hugging:

Chat and icebreaker to follow shortly 

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@mpelze I notice this as well, I’ll create a ticket for the team thank you for posting it!

I had used an SVG as a room background in a regular wonder room (yesterday), but it doesn’t seem like the SVG will work in this version. Although, I can now use the larger PNG that I generated from it.