NEW Features and Beta Updates: September 9th Edition!

  • 9 September 2021
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Beta Phase 3 is Complete!

All of the latest releases have been added to your already opened Spaces. As always, you can create a new space here.

With the update we now have the following features available in the beta:

  • Broadcast

  • Areas

  • Chat

  • Host Privileges

  • Background change

  • Guest password

  • MASSIVE upgrade to the video/audio quality.

  • Icebreaker question

There are some also new features that have been highly requested:


First, you can now move and resize your own video by clicking your video feed. Great for making sure how your set up looks before a conversation (or in my case, how I should have shaved this morning).


Also, when hovering over a circle, you can click once to join and instantly send your avatar to the chosen circle. Fly free, fly fast!



Sincere thanks to all those who have participated. There will be a slow trickle into normal rooms creations while we test the stability of the new platform. Throughout the next month we will begin testing a few exciting new features we’ve been eager to share.


If you’re interested in the team behind the wizard’s curtain, one of the core (and first!) members of the tech team is doing an AMA here!


Stay tuned!

10 replies

First impressions - looking good!

Looks like it could be more manageable; less “clunky”; easier for participants to join circles.

Looking forward to the next stage too:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@Bob Hogg Thanks for the kind words!

Makes two of us looking forward to the next stage! Bit of transparency here, the foundation is laid and we are ready to grow now, more than even before!

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Cool updates! Really. Especially the video update is appreciated.

I even managed to create 16!! areas, more than 15. Finally, I thought, but then I saw area 8 is not in the plan. Go on and open the space for up to 100. Then I don’t have to search for other platforms anymore for my educational trade shows and networking events.



Wonder never stops to amaze me :)

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Boom! Great release. Just trying some stuff out now but it is awesome so far. Love the scalable self-view and the teleport feature!

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@WonderMichael  It seems the delay on mouse click is gone? I seem to be moving immediately again and breaking out of the circle. It is me?

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When do we get to test it?  (hear the excitement)

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

@steve.paladino tech team informed me that this wasn’t changed, can you refresh the browser and see if this happens again?

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It’s really very annoying that we cannot drive our bubble with our arrow keys and only the mouse.   I hope this is on the list of enhancements.

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My team tested. 

We really like the change of icebreaker question and loves that it automatically saves. (needs more characters)

We really like the info cards that showed up when hovering over a person’s bubble, but it wouldn’t do that for the co-host.

We really liked that when the host or Co-host started to broadcast that their picture was behind the time clock,  We would like to see this feature for participants, too. so that they can see the picture of the broadcaster behind the countdown clock.

One of participant’s screen went blank and sound went out after each broadcast, don’t know if a glitch on her machine causing her to leave and then have to rejoin. 

Loved the way the bubbles bump back into cirlce.

Loved loved loved that the response time was fast for someone joining a circle to know they are in teh circle.