Monetization for Virtual Events

  • 2 November 2021
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Hello all,

We are working on different Virtual Workshop concepts for over a year now but could not figure out the monetization for these events yet. We used to have these workshops offline and there was an opportunity to get higher prices on tickets, but since digital, we had to lower the ticket fees to keep attendance high.

We were looking for sponsors, but it is pretty hard as you can imagine. Do you guys have any ideas or examples to inspire us? 

7 replies

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Hey Sebnem,

I remember that article from medium that mentioned something about digital swags. I think this idea could work better than increasing the ticket prices or try to find more sponsors. Since its nature that digital events could lead people easier to buy swag or merch with one click. 

I did not come across in any of the events I participated, but definetly could help - 

For starters, digital or virtual swag can provide tangible value to attendees, such as discounts, products, or services that they can use instantly. This can include trials of a partner’s product, discounts for future events, and so on. Plus, you’re creating less clutter and making swag that’s easier to produce.


Here is the article if you would like to check :

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Hey @SebnemSchulz, I’m not the money person at Wonder :p but the info @YurteriEce shared seems really great! 

I’m wondering if @Dirk Maverick or @Hans have any wisdom to share here? :) 

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Hey @SebnemSchulz,

my experience was not to fix a proce, but to ask the attendies to donate what they think it’s worth to them.

I give them a range from….€ to …. € - and tell them , that especially in these hard corona time we accept more or less :-)

I was surprised how generous some of them are.

They pay in advance and after they get the link and the password

Maybe thta this does only work in my sector ( I work as musicican and eventmanger ) but it’s maybe worth a try. 

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Thanks, @Dirk Maverick, really helpful! 😃 
@SebnemSchulz how are you finding these ideas?!  

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Hey @Dirk Maverick seems pretty cool. What platform did you use for donations? Patreon ?


@Wonder-ful_Andrew to be honest, never thought about donation before. I was looking for more traditional ways to like tickets or merchandise selling etc. Also I’m digging down a bit NFT opportunities to see if it can be fit to the context. Still do not understand that much about NFT technology :no_good_tone2:




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@SebnemSchulz  I offered paypal and to transfer to my bank account.  works fine

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Thanks @Dirk Maverick I will give it a try. 

Fingers Crossed :)