Auto Simultaneous Translation for Live Stream

  • 2 November 2021
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Hey Everyone,

This is Ece. I’m working for Vodafone to build internal client events from all around. We recently started using Wonder for some of our events. 

Our clients are coming from many different areas so finding a common language getting harder. Is there any software or product can you suggest for auto-generated translations? That would be great to give people opportunities to join conversations directly.

Thanks for your help! 


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4 replies

Hey Ece, 

I was suffering the same issue actually. Most of the products out there do not have any integrations for that but I can offer some services that I use, so might be helpful- - it is pretty easy and looks good on responsiveness. Multiple language choices. - this one is also pretty handy, but the cost is a little bit higher.


Hope that works for your events :)


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Hey @YurteriEce

@MatthewH beat me to it! Totally agree with him. :) Thanks, Matthew!  

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Thanks @Wonder-ful_Andrew and @MatthewH ;

I will definetly dig on those and try to get most out of it ! 


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