Feedback during broadcasting: emojis, raise hand, invite guests to broadcast

When I am broadcasting I don’t get any feedback from my audience. I only can get information from the chat.

Is it a possibility to build in a “hand raise” function or an interruption microphone for the audience?

Allow participants to raise hand and turn on microphone during broadcast to ask questions.


I thought about this too. It would be nice to be able to see other people's videos during broadcasting, or perhaps if someone raised their hand, you could toggle their video/audio on so they briefly join the broadcast to ask their question and/or engage.

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Great idea, @WonderMichael

It would also be nice if you could invite someone from the audience to join the broadcast, while keeping control.  Two options:

  1. Via the participants list or in the space you click on a user and invite the user to join the broadcast. If s/he agrees, s/he’ll be added as broadcaster, but you can still easily remove the person you invited, once s’he has shared his/her message.
  2. As a broadcast you just open the floor to anyone in the space. You create empty tiles on top, where you video is. The tiles are labeled ‘Join broadcast’. Anyone who clicks on it, joins the broadcast. As a broadcast you can create eg. up to 5 extra tiles, to have s discussion with you and 5 people from the audience. Again, you’re still in charge and can send every other broadcaster back to the audience.