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As I already wrote in my introduction, I celebrated my birthday with a virtual party on Wonder. As one of my friends is blind, I became aware of some difficulties for people with disabilities. She was able to use Wonder and participate, which is already good. She was not able to navigate the room and relied on people to come to her for a chat. Exactly like in RL. But Wonder could do better! It would be possible to enable blind people to “see” as much of the room as any seeing person.

Feel free to contact me, if you want more input on this. My blind friend works as a developer, so she has first hand knowledge of navigating sites as a blind person plus some experience with creating an online experience. (Not trying to sell anything, this just looks like a great chance to make Wonder better for a group of people that may get overlooked and prevented from using Wonder to its full potential.)

Thank you so much for all of this, @Dreighton. As you know I’m sure, we’re here to build not only features, but human connections. Accessibility is absolutely essential for us. I can assure you that we’re listening here in order to make Wonder accessible for all. Thanks again for this note! 🙏❤️

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Hi everyone,

I am organizing a Virtual Forum on Inclusion (one of the guests is visually impairedon November and the accessibility topic is  an aspect that needs to be covered by new event platforms.

Excited to read that is in development. :heart_eyes:

@Monica in the meantime, we recommend searching for some browser extensions. While we can’t recommend any, we always suggest to test first 🙂 wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Dear Andrew, dear team,

Unfortunately, when my visually impaired guest tried to join Wonder, he got blocked at the name level, just before entering the platform. I think I should mention that in case you are already working in finding a solution.

In case you need to work with early-adopters and test accessibility features, I can gladly put you in contact with him. 

Hi Monica,

Thanks for this info. It’s difficult to know exactly went wrong here, but you can definitely reach out to our support center if this happens again. We can give you some advice there :) 


Can you get into details as to what you plan or are developing in terms of accessibility? This has not become clear in this thread. Ensuring accessibility for us as a public insitution in Germany is quite crucial.  We would not be allowed to use it if we cannot guarantee that everybody can equally get access.

I really appreciate your effort to look into this.

Best wishes

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@shalini_menon - does that idea status update mean accessibility improvements are not in development? 😢

Hi, I’d like to know what is being done around accessibility and not just for those with visual impairments e.g. is anything being done for people who don’t use either a keyboard or mouse?

My company has finally allowed me to look at using this platform but I think it’s going to fail immediately if it’s inaccessible. I did just get a super fast response from your support saying that you need a keyboard and mouse to use Wonder but what about in future?