Increase maximum number of Circle participants beyond 15

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 I see many requests for circles to be >15. For full dialogue I think even 15 is a large number however I do have a need for up to 30 people to be able to interact for short periods of time.

As a facilitator one may discuss an exercise, ask people to make groups of say 4 to do the exercise AND THEN return to the larger group to share some of their experiences. At present this can only be done by the host broadcasting and taking response via chat. I am looking for a more interactive way of having a little bit of larger group discussion before again splitting out into small groups/circles. Something that falls in between a circle and a broadcast.



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One approach would be to invite one person from each table - one at a time - to come to the podium so that everyone could hear them. This is similar to what would happen in a physical event, except that we might bring the mic to them.

This should be configurable, ideally per section/area. That would allow to e.g. have one Wonder instance with an area for large groups, another area where circles are limited to 2 for 1:1 talks only.

Yes, it would make a difference for how we use the platform to have it increased to at least 25 people. This would be amazing! ;D


@Andy Burnett we’re working on a role-based system. Right now, to be able to broadcast, the host needs to share the host password. But we’re working on the ability to have hosts assign roles, i.e. owner, broadcaster, etc. All this means is then that whoever the host also wants to broadcast, can simple click a button, making them a broadcast. 🎤

@David Czadilek, this is most likely what’s going to happen! When we have full room area customization, you’ll be able to broadcast to a specific area. So, think of an event in the real world: main broadcast works as the opening address, and then the areas will be the different sessions; so you can have, for example, 5 broadcasts happening in one wonder room! This will be the way to “increase circle size.” @SamaraVasquez01 

Just posted this idea and think it might serve your need as well: