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I was just thinking that it would be nice if a host could put on a info board for when the room is empty/the host is absent. As I just had a meeting which finished quite quickly and I didn’t want to wait in an empty room for late show would be great if you could basically have something like a banner where you could type in a message like “Meeting finished already, if you have a question contact me under...” or “Hello, change of plan meeting will start at 12:30 instead of 10 am” something to give potential guests a message.


Hi @Steinfaelltum, this could help me as well. I’m using Wonder for network events, but also as my personal meeting room. At this very moment I’m waiting for someone who might enter the room until 6 pm, but I don’t know when. Meanwhile I might leave my desk to grab a coffee. It would be nice to inform the person when she enters that I’ll be there any moment or that she has to say something, so I know she’s there and I can search the right tab again to find her :grinning:

But if you use Wonder creatively, you can do this:

  • change the background. Notify your guests with text on the background.
  • add one or more areas with title ‘Meeting finished already’, ‘Contact me at ...’.
  • use the ice breaker question to let people know ‘Sorry, I’ m gone already’ (I’m still hoping that the ice breaker question in the beta version will have more characters, also because I use Wonder with Dutch and English speaking users, and I always try to use questions in both languages).

Good luck!


Hey @Steinfaelltum

We’re not 100 percent sure how this is going to look, but we’re already working on a similar idea; something maybe like a Sticky/Note you can post anywhere in the Space and guests will always see it. But for now, @Hans has provided the best work around. 😃

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