Special type of Area: "Stage" with automatic broadcast to the whole room

Hey guys!

I hold a lot of workshops on zoom for up to 100 people. I would love to switch over to wonder because I really love the concept.

However in my session I frequently need participants to share with everyone else, often many in a row. It is annoying to have them ask me for broadcast, wait 10 seconds etc. 

What would be great would be to have something like a special area called “stage” that you can switch on or off where everyone who walks in immediately broadcasts to everyone in the room, allowing a maximum number of participants on the stage predefined by the host, and with the ability to kick people off stage or block them from stage.

THIS would allow me to move my whole business to wonder, and I’m sure there is a bunch of amazing usecases for different industries for this feature. Just thinking of conferences!


Hope this resonates, I need this ASAP :D

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