Support Mobile Devices and tablets

specifically iphones, ipads, and other common devices.

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This will most likely be implemented closer towards the end of the year, we are still discussing the implications and requirements.

I’d suggest using web-wrapper style native apps as Wonder only requires basic hardware functionality that can be accessed from chrome view & safari equivalent, that way the same codebase can be shared among different operating systems & less native development resources are needed. Also it would be easy to add additional “native” apps for e.g. Windows & macOS.

I would like to add to this idea by suggesting that people might like to be able to phone into a meeting. We have quite a few participants who aren’t allow to share their camera/mic via their computer, but who would like to join the networking sessions. Being able to phone in, and perhaps select a circle by number, could let them participate too.

@David Czadilek, I’ll be honest; I’m not a coder, so I dont know what you’re talking about 😝 but I recommend joining our Beta testers group!  

@Andy Burnett, when we re-support mobiles, you’ll have the ability to not share your camera as well! Also, really amazing name! 😍 

I remember a few months ago Wonder actually worked pretty well on my phone (Firefox browser on Android). Is the plan to support Wonder directly on mobile browser again, or will it only be possible through native apps?

hey @Ryan, you’re right, a few month back we did support mobile. We decided to un-support it simply because we’re growing exponentially and we wanted to make sure you have a flawless experience on laptops/desktops. As Michael said, we’ll mostly re-support mobile and devices towards the end of the year, but it’s definitely in the works! It will be again directly on mobile browsers 😃

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That is wonder-full 🙂

Being able to join from mobile without downloading an app will be a huge boon for us in the Philippines.  Probably also for other parts of the world where personal laptops are harder to come by.

totally agree @Ryan, we’re not entirely sure on a release date, but it’s definitely on the list! Interested to hear more about what you’re using Wonder for! 🥳

to dynamically update status / busy/available
- Having a proximity Bluetooth option to identify when phone / smartwatch moves away from desk / pc
- Detect ongoing calls

Classic why mobile:
- Meeting while away from PC
- Meeting with people not having camera (enabled (GRC) or at all) on PC
- Meeting with people not owning PC