Welcome Page before entry

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Hi Wonder community,

I would like to suggest some added feature to the page prior to entering the room.

  1. Have a host controlled welcome message posted when participants go to the rooms website (where the information about allowing access for the camera and mic is posted.) This can also be a place where the host can put the time range of the event starts and finishes, or message saying sorry the event has now ended. In case there are any misunderstanding by participants (specially with people in different time zones).
  2. On the same screen display the number of people already in the room. If the person is the first, have a default message or one controlled by the host, to inform them that they are the first and please hold until others arrive.  

I hope these are helpful.

Best regards,


Great idea. I also would like to “yes and...” and build on it. One of the challenges we always have is around getting A/V resources to switch from Zoom to Teams to Wonder… This would be a great place to post some tips or tricks (or a link to them) for those having trouble.

hey @Courtney and @steve.paladino, yes we’ve discussed a waiting room before, especially before larger events. And switching audio/video from different platforms is always a bit tricky when in both at the same time; always asking for control and such, but we’re working on this! @steve.paladino how do you usually navigate between switching between two video messaging platforms?  

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@Wonder-ful_Andrew  in the suggestion I made above when I said host controlled I meant for the host to have editable options to as a "home page" or "entrance" where they can post important messages, have a widget that shows how many people are already in the room, or a separate message to the first to arrive etc. You should need to have audio control for these purposes. Does this make sense?

I see the host controlled message Courtney introduced also as a welcoming page with a neat background image (if wanted, the same as the conference floor) with indeed a welcoming quote, thought or instruction for participants before entering. 

Hey @Courtney yes, I understand 🙂 Not sure if we’ll create this type of room tbh, but we’ll definitely have some sort of sticky that you can paste on the background so that new/late joiners will know what’s going on. 

Great input as well, @erikW :) I think these post-its will do the trick! If you both imagine something else, I’m looking forward to the future dialgoue!