A friendly hello to all of you!

  • 5 August 2021
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I am Jürgen from Berlin and I am delighted to become part of this interesting group learning about wonder. Actually, I already had several meetings with Wonder and greatly enjoyed it. Looking forward to meeting you! I have been teaching comparative education and intercultural communication at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, also working as trainer in the field of intercultural communication and competence development.


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Wellcome @Juergen important and interessting subjects you cover. Great to meet you here.

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Nice to have you here, @Juergen! Mt first degrees were in something similar: comparative religion, education, and interfaith dialogue. Looking forward to discussing more with you. Maybe we can bring in these topics in here somehow! 🕊 

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Thanks Andrew, you got an interesting combination of subjects, then I might tell you that my studies comprised, Chemistry, Education, Social Science and (partly) Sinology. In the end I decided to go for comparative education (my dissertation was on Access to Higher Education in China) instead of environmental chemistry. It was a good decision as I know today. So my university research and teaching was very much on Chinese education and since the mid 90ies on intercultural communication as well. My interest in wonder has been developed along with the design of E-learning formats for intercultural training and general teaching. I am very much interested in observing new developments in that area, especially on the creation of emotional spaces in virtual interaction. I look forward to learning about that.

Thanks for your service and advice.


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Hey @Juergen, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and write all of this. You have a very fascinating background and you’re right: we share many similar interests. I’m also very passionate about anthroposophy, specifically biodynamic agriculture. I actually have a discontinued Ph.D. in the subject 🙈. I’m very interested in hearing more about the creation of emotional spaces in virtual interaction. These words definitely touch me. I’d love if you could explain it more! 🙏