AMA, the first Engineer at Wonder/Yotribe is here.

  • 2 September 2021
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Hello everyone,

we were super busy with our new wonder platform, and now I finally have time to introduce myself.

My name is Andrey and I am an engineer at Wonder. I joined Wonder (back in the days it was yotribe) in July last year and was involved in developing almost everything in our old wonder version. Now I am mainly responsible for the Media experience of our platform which includes Video conversations and broadcast. 

Ask me anything! 

3 replies

Andrey, first of all - what an outstanding work you and Wonder team have done so far. I can honestly say that I believe you are unique in this cutthroat niche/industry. My sincere CONGRATULATIONS!


Questions.. :) Where is Wonder going? What can we expect in terms of features, pricing, etc :)

Tech Question: I’d like to be able to stream inside Wonder. Eventually by being able to embed into an html block where I can present materials (rather than using a screenshare that would slow down a local machine).


Thank You!

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Hey @Arts4Hope , sorry for late response, we were really busy delivering awesome product.

Wonder is going to be amazing. We will work close with our community do deliver features and requests which are high demanded.


Answering on your second question. Yes, this is planned. Stay tuned :)

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@Arts4Hope for the pricing discussion we gave a little information here:

We are developing features that connect people; we are looking at features that increase the communication between participants and developing the means to keep conversations meaningful. I’m being vague on purpose so I don’t get in trouble with @Andrey but any features we have in the pipeline will be shared directly with the community first!