Hallo, Ich bin Suraj (I am Suraj) :)

  • 22 September 2021
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Hi Wonder folks, 

Just introducing myself here, nothing else at the moment.

Wasn’t really looking for a solution like this but just happened to land on this tool and I’m kinda hooked after checking out the product (thanks @Wonder-ful_Andrew for the awesome demo today). The tool is very intuitive and clean, almost “tactile” - plus, the browser-based usage makes it very easy to use. The idea of “fluid togetherness” and replicating real-world physical interactions makes a lot of sense.

Can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about the product yet, but I just have this gut feeling that there’s a lot of potential for something like this. I’m going to try and use this more for social and non-work gatherings as much as possible.

Also, the community here seems quite vibrant and helpful. Really inspiring stuff :)

3 replies

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hey @Wandering Sun, firstly, it was great meeting you the other day! secondly, super cool name here! is there a background story?! We really appreciate the kind words and are looking forward to having you here on the community and hearing about your experience using Wonder. hopefully we’ll see you at an event in the near future!  

Lovely meeting you that day as well Andrew! Thanks haha - interesting that you ask :) My name translates to the Sun in Hindi (I’m originally from India) and I suppose I was wandering around here in the community hence the selection (coming to think of it, maybe Wondering Sun would also have made sense :D). 

See you around!


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@Wandering Sun wheather you’re Wandering or Wondering, we’re glad to have you here! 😃🥳