Hello :) Brownrygg here from South Africa (sort of)

  • 28 August 2021
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Fellow Wonderers. Great to be here. 

I’m Brownrygg, founder of Nof1 Creative Systems - a business that provides Branding Ecosystem Management; philosophical alignment, content creation, platform deployment and community cultivation for eco-conscious startups and empathic thought leaders. 

I grew up in South Africa but have been traveling around the world since my mid teens. Currently in the Kentucky USA for this season. 

I’m interested to see how Wonder might be able to offer a new angle on community building in the connection economy, create transformative learning, and collaboration experiences for my team and clients. 

Folks in this community seem pretty cool too…. @steve.paladino ;) 

Happy to be here!

4 replies

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@brownrygg hey hey welcome to the fun!

Your website looks great!

I’m working on a group for creatives within the wonder community, would love to have you there!


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Appreciate it @WonderMichael. Sure thing! Shoot me the link. 

Hey, fellow Saffer here :grin:

Though I’m not travelling, based in Joburg.

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@Sverleis I had to google “saffer” :bow_tone1: welcome to the fun!

@brownrygg we are working here: still uploading the content :)