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  • 11 August 2021
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Hello! I’ve helped two trade orgs that I work with use wonder.me for memorable virtual “mixers” and the feedback received has been very positive. We knew that users might have trouble getting used to the concepts and UX of wonder.me so we published a blog post about the website a few weeks before our virtual event and linked to it through our email newsletter and Eventbrite. It really helped users know what to expect their first time using it.

3 replies

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Hey, hey @granata awesome blog post! Can you check out our group page and let me know if there’s one you’d like to join for trade shows, or if we should create a Trade Show group one its own? 

I’m going to send you a private message in the near-ish future; I have some ideas about trade shows and it would be great to get your thoughts. 😌

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@Wonder-ful_Andrew, just to clarify, by “trade orgs” I meant the organizations themselves. In both cases we’ve used Wonder for networking events.

That said, both organizations do host trade shows featuring education, networking, and exhibit floors. I don’t know that a Trade Show group is necessary because I think Wonder.me would be used for the same purposes as what is represented by the existing groups. However, here’s some spitballing about what might make Trade Shows unique:

  • Exhibitors could use Wonder to create a virtual booth and social space for their product. Create topics and have sales reps and knowledge experts float around to help curious attendees. They could promote their Wonder room with QR codes in their booth, or link to it from their exhibitor summary (typically found in a trade show directory or app).
  • Show organizers could set up a room to provide support for attendees. Don’t walk half a mile to get to the information desk, just pop into a room and ask someone for help (noting that Wonder is not yet mobile).
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Hey @granata awesome info here; really appreciate it. At the moment what people do is create areas, name them with the exhibitor/organization’s name, and people will walk over to them and they’ll be able to then present their product. Some exciting things for this are definitely on the way, but that’s all I can say that moment! #crypticandrew