Hello, my name is chris Jangelov, Sweden.

  • 3 August 2021
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I have been using Wonder in a project where we invited to a virtual Folk Club (music) and had 3 meetings with concerts during the spring. I have also had a few more meetings with people within the Folk song community in the Nordics.

The key feature in Wonder, in my opinion, is that you are free to enter and leave groups, i.e. mingle.

I will be most interested in use for learning, socialicing and networking.


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As a musician myself, I’m so curious to how you used Wonder for your event? I am desperately awaiting the tech team to integrate audio interfaces :D


do you have any music you can share?

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@WonderMichael what is the timeline for audio integrations? I love to work with music as a background. Or is this feature already in and did I just miss this?

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@WonderMichael I don’t have anything to share, I am afraid, but I’ll describe what we did.

The first concert was live and held via Facebook. A group of three + a “sound guy” gave us good quality. There was only one camera but the communication between songs made it an intimate concert in spite of that. Guitars and a base, if I remember rightly.

We were 40 people i Wonder and met in the “virtual club” 30 minutes before the concert. The concert was 2x20 with a break and after the concert one could stay in Wonder as long as one wanted.

The takeaways were:

  • Some people did not understand or was not comfortable with having Wonder and Facebook open at the same time - and moving between them.
  • Some 20% did not show up in Wonder during the break.
  • Some 75% didn’t show up after the concert.
  • In our poll afterwards some described the Wonder sessions ass “really mingling at a concert”.
  • One pointed out that meeting before the concert created an emotional build-up of expectations, a feeling never present at other online broadcasts.

For the other concerts we had to rely on recordngs. In the first case due to artist illnes. It was OK in some ways but a set back from live (of course), probablu because everyone was “alone” in the video watching, i e the inimacy that worked so fine, probably because the artist small talk in the first concert was lacking. The recordings were of ok quality. Two artists, one guitar and one accordeon. YouTube.

The last concert was recordet in an Oslo club scen. A single well known artist with a guitar and a small band behind. We wanted to try how a good recording would work in our “virtual club” environment so this one was planned. 

The feed back had some complaints about the sound. It was a live recording but because of this there were less than perfect balance between piano and voice, for instance. 


All music was of ballad/singersongwriter type, i e rather soft and good focus on vocals/texts. 

At all three concerts the artist were present in the Wonder mingle during the pause and afterwards.


In short:

  • It would really have been much better to have the concerts within Wonder, live or not (Broadcast mode).
  • Some people don’t find it intuitive to move between platforms/windows.
  • It was appreciated to be able to mingle, to have a social dimension around the concert.


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Hey @jchris nice to officially meet you here on this thread! We’ve already spoken so much 😃 Really grateful that you wrote all of this info; it’s a gem! Happy to have you in the community! 

@EmilievanRappard well, time is an illusion and doesn’t exist, for the past, present, and future are perpetually ebbing and flowing within each other 🔮 all jokes (hope you thought this was a good one 🙈)  aside Emilie, we’re not 100 percent sure on a timeline, but it’s definitely higher up on the list! 

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HI @jchris 

I appreciate the description on what your group tried and how it turned out.  This is helpful for me as I think about different events and activities.



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Hi Chris, interesting experiences and thank you for sharing. Especially happy that you evaluated the experience. A good reference for the future :-)


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Echoed, really lovely