Hi! I'm Marc.

  • 29 June 2021
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I’m an Agile coach and Open Space Technology facilitator from central Massachusetts (west of Boston, USA), formerly of Bose and HPE, and now a free-lancer. I’ve been using Wonder as my virtual office and co-working space.

I’m between Wonder rooms now, but if you’d like to connect for any reason, my calendar is public, Calendly.com/marctrudeau.

(I was trained as a physicist, and have been an acoustical engineer, user-experience designer, and engineering and program manager in past lives.)


8 replies

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@Marc Trudeau - he-him - Wow a very impressive introduction and thrilled to have you on the platform. We also love how you’ve opened the door to meet others via your calendly link and highly encourage people to do the same.

We’re also very excited you’ve been using Wonder as a virtual office and co-working space. Try joining one of the Groups (click on “Groups” in the header at the top of the page) to find likeminded individuals who host similar events and share learnings!

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Nice to meet you @Marc Trudeau - he-him! I would be curious to learn how you have been facilitating open space in the virtual environment. I have heard it was great for tackling topics people were passionate about when it was in-person.

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Good day, @Vivian! I have been hosting Open Space for ~30 folks and have helped others host hundreds of people in QiqoChat.com. It allows people to move freely between breakouts, much like Wonder, but also offers versatile work surfaces in each breakout to capture proceedings. I usually include a Wonder breakout room, to substitute for the hallway/coffee machine you’d have at a physical Open Space.

Here’s a link to a partially set up environment for a future meeting. https://qiqochat.com/e/uiYMEKgrtcsVTQMyXVJxLJeHc It’s complete enough that you can understand the setup. Feel free to book a Calendly meeting with me (Calendly.com/marctrudeau) if you’d like a tour or to talk about how it works online. I can also point you to Open Space community resources that can provide additional support.

I love to pair work, so if you’d like to co-facilitate an event, let me know.

(QiqoChat fees are minimal.)

(I can imagine making Wonder work for Open Space, should someone be passionate to do so.)

Be well,


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Hi, Marc.

I followed the link in your response to Vivian. I’m curious to learn more about how you using wonder and qiqochat with students and faculty. I may also book a moment to chat about another user-experience design that I’ve been kicking around for several years now.) Nice to meet you.


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Hi, @Jazzness! Feel free to set up a Calendly to talk (like I original post). Cheers!

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Just wanted to follow-up and ask @Marc Trudeau - he-him & @Jazzness if you were ever able to connect! I love the potential collaboration here! 👏

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Hey @Marc Trudeau - he-him! I’m impressed by your broad application of skills. From hard numbers like physics to human centered experiences like user design. I’m curious how those worlds met :) 

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I’m also really curious, @Marc Trudeau - he-him! And great question, @brownrygg! Do you have similar experiences? 😃