Sarah from NC

  • 5 August 2021
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Hi there! I work with the N.C. Network of Grantmakers in North Carolina and we (like everyone else) are struggling to help people create authentic connections virtually. Our members love networking - it’s often cited as their favorite piece of programming - but they don’t prioritize it if there isn’t also a content hook. I’m looking forward to figuring out how Wonder can help us to build community.

4 replies

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Hey @smannwillcox, absolutely love the creating “authentic connections virtually.” That’s what we’re all about as well. 💁 

Where in NC is the Network of Grantmakers? I did my undergrad at Wake Forest. Go deacs! 🎩

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Hi! We’re in Raleigh, but work with foundations throughout the state. (As an NC State graduate, I won’t hold Wake Forest against you! Now, if it was UNC…) :grinning:

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@smannwillcox, if it was UNC, that would be a whole other story 😉 

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Welcome Sarah!