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  • 24 August 2021
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Dear lovely community, 

my name is Lizzy and I am from Austria. I am a lecturer for german as a foreign language and currently working in Slovakia. I use since a year for my german lectures and courses. My students and I love it, because you can work great in teams and come back in plenary to discus the exercises, which where done in the small groups. There are so many possibilities to work with during online-teaching. So helps me a lot to create a great teaching and learning atmosphere in class. :heart_eyes: 

All the best



5 replies

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@Lektorin_Lizzy Hola! bueno! kalimera! moin moin!

Welcome to the fun! Thanks for introducing yourself and getting started with the community.

My beloved co worker @Wonder-ful_Andrew  is currently putting together a small group specifically for educators here: we will host specific information for the educators and connect you to other wonder educators, its a fun place!

we also have a case study here 

looking forward!

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Thank you for the link! Great, that there is also an educator community! <3

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The teaching angle must be fascinating! I’ll have to give it a go @Lektorin_Lizzy  

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@brownrygg yeah, it is indeed! Have a try! :hugging::muscle::speaking_head:

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what did you think, @brownrygg?! Have you had a try?! And hey, @Lektorin_Lizzy, really nice to meet you! I’ve had a little hiatus, as of late, but I’m starting to re-vamp the group sections and super excited to have you in our educators group! 🥳😃