Wonder Integration with other software

  • 30 November 2021
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I am about to launch a website for closed circle of people where I wish to integrate video-calling. Wonder seems like a good candidate for such job.

Has anyone here already worked on Joomla/SP Page Builder integration with Wonder so that it actually looks good as well and leaving the space would return to the site again?




8 replies

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Hi Kimmo.

Currently Wonder can be integrated via an iframe.

Here is an article on how to integrate wonder from out support pages: Integrate Wonder via IFrame

I have not worked with Joomla but I found this walkthrough: https://www.webhostinghub.com/help/learn/joomla/adding-content-to-joomla/inserting-an-iframe-in-joomla

I hope this helps.


yes...I am doing iframe, just the way sp page builder works, it is slightly complicated...perhaps someone here had experience


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Hey @KimmoV , 

Thanks for the question. As you can see from our on top of community page  it is pretty easy to integrate web based platforms. I don’t know exact problem that you are having, but if you can explain a bit more, I will try to raise it to our Tech team, so I can try to find a solution for you.

I am thinking of a Joomla component that would allow user-details (Name) to be carried over to the space and potential redirect of the “leave” back to the site where the chat is integrated (through iFrame at least)

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Thanks for explanation @KimmoV , let me raise this to our tech team and I will get back to you asap ! 

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Hey @KimmoV ,

According to our Tech Team,

We do not have an endpoint to automatically make accounts yet, this is something we are working on to build. These developments will be integrated later this year ! 


Please keep checking our community page for further updates, we will definetly keep posting here !


Is there any updates on this per chance?


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Hello @KimmoV ,

Unfortunately not yet. We are still working on it, but priorities changed a bit along the road map ! 

Thanks for being amazing Wonderer, and hope I’ll come back with good news soon :)