A little riddle for the weekend

  • 2 July 2021
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We like to close out the week strong and send you off into the weekend with a little fun and games that keep your brain working.

Each Friday, we’ll post a riddle. Think about it over the weekend and post your answer below. No cheating - we believe in you and the power of your brain! :spy_tone1:

We’ll announce who gets the most riddles right at the end of the month and that person will get a little boost in their leaderboard score. And those at the top of the leaderboard will get some exciting new incentives…:thinking:


This week’s riddle:

Can you make 100 by interspersing any number of pluses and minuses within the string of digits 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1? You can’t change the order of the digits! What’s the least number of pluses and minuses needed to make 100?


5 replies

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One solution would be 98 - 76 + 54 + 3 +21

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@matp - wow nice one. That’s it precisely. Making a note and tally for you on this first riddle :muscle_tone2:

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Just seeing this and worked it out before scrolling down. I got the same combinationthat matp did. The answer to the question is 1 minus and 3 pluses. 

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Too bad I saw the answer. It spoiled it for me. :joy:

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@Vivian you’re totally right! we need to send private messages after a comment here! As for me, I’ll gladly bow out for all these math questions. #numbers