Broadcast function; 2.0- date of starting

  • 29 October 2021
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Dear wonder-team,

my Name is Markus from Berlin. I've got two questions: 1. Today I tried to communicate with Broadcast together with 2 other participants. But a) they could not see or hear me b) we couldn't share the room, inspite we joined with the same Password. Are there any functional problems with the broadcast function at the moment? We really need this function for an event on 21.11.02…

2.) Is there going to be an Upgrade of wonder during the next 4 days? If it is like this, what consequences will there be for users?

Best regards


2 replies

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Hey @mamigra Markus :)

Thanks for the message. Hello from F-hain :)

  1. In general, there are few things that prevent the broadcast from working. Most notably is that corporate networks and firewalls often block incoming video/audio transmissions. this is addressed here with step by step directions: Can you explain further your issue with the password?
  2. No notable changes planned, but if you’d like to create a room with the new layout, you can do so here:
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@mamigra just poking for a status update here, any luck?

The tech team is particularly interested in your case and they are prepared to roll out the red carpet of support. We would like to troubleshoot this live with you via a video chat.

Send me a message here and we can arrange this.

@Andrey one of our lead engineers is standing by.

thanks for your time