Event Technology Awards 2021

  • 5 November 2021
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Hey guys, 

I just started Wonder a week ago, and got pretty good results so far in our events that up to 50 people! Just came out with the recent updates about events and wanted to post here! 

Yesterday, Event Technology Awards were revealed. The results seem pretty interesting, and most surprising for me. If you are curious you can check from the link ;


I believe Wonder should be there for sure. Especially on the networking one, as a person who experienced in both, I think Wonder presents a way better CX than the winner. 

What do you guys think? 

5 replies

Thanks for sharing that list @Eventologist ! There are very interesting companies listed 

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I, for one, @Eventologist, think Wonder should be there. :D 

Did you happen to go to the event? How did you find it in general and what did you think of the winners?!  

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Oh yes @Wonder-ful_Andrew  I think so too. 

I attended virtually ( thanks to covid ), especially enjoyed the speed networking breaks. Panels and discussions were mostly sponsored content, so they were partly product demo and discussions. 

It is always nice for to companies get recognition over different communities, especially the virtual ones that need to be increased in my opinion. Rather than it or not, we need more to expand our reach as virtual event managers/organizers. 

For awards, I liked Allseated and its digital expo solutions. Especially after the recent discussions towards the Metaverse thing, I think they made a really good pledge. 
OnePlan and RainFocus are also the winners that got on my radar. I will definitely give those a try to manage. 

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Hey @Eventologist, I’m the demo guy here at Wonder, so I’m definitely now going to keep in mind giving some demos at these events. My favorite colleague @Mert, will also keep this in mind, right?! 😃🧠  
We’re definitely seeing that everyting virtual is going towards this Metaverse thing; I’m, personally, really interested to see what’s going to happen in the next few years. Also depending on the definition of the Metaverse, different things will come to fruition. I’ll definitely check out these other platforms too! Really appreciate the tips here :) 

​ @Wonder-ful_Andrew    definitely. Something might pop up very soon :) 
 Thanks @Eventologist  to flag this up here, we are working on constantly improving ourselves. So I do not see any reason for Wonder not being there next year. 
 For the metaverse topic, we can call Wonder as part of a metaverse, right? :)