Host password and screen sharing

  • 22 September 2021
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Hi! I have two questions; based on a couple of rudimentary trial runs I’ve had for an event I’m hosting on Friday.

Passwords: Can I give someone the host password so that the first time they enter the room, they are automatically considered as a host with host access? The only way I’ve seen the host password work is that people enter the room using the guest password, then they have to try to do something that only hosts have access to, then they enter the host password. 

Sharing your screen: Can anyone in the room share their screen with the entire room? Or, is it just within circles that everyone can share their screen? In other words, if there is an event with 100 people in one room, does everyone in that room have permissions to share their screen with the entire room?


2 replies

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Hi @SarahSchroeder,

As far as I can remember in the public version of Wonder, it’s indeed like you explain.

If you use the guest password, people will have to enter the guest password first. When a guest wants to start broadcasting or wants to change the areas, (s)he’ll have to enter the host password given by you.

In the new - beta - version of Wonder, you only have to share the co-host link with someone who then has host rights when entering that room.

Sharing your screen: Anyone in the room can only share within circles. Only people who have the host password can share their screen with anyone in the room via broadcasting.  

Enjoy Wonder!

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@SarahSchroeder @Hans you’re both right! @Hans, I can give you the host password in the demo room and you can start doing them if you’d like! :p @SarahSchroeder, in our new version (not fully out there yet), as soon as you create a space, you’re the host. You can then go into the space editor, and click a button to share a co-host link with another guest to make them a host. You can open a version 2.0 to test here:
let us know what you think after!