How do you conduct Q & A in a panel?

  • 15 September 2021
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I’m interested to try out the broadcast function with a few speakers to create a panel.

If we want Q & A with the panel, is there a way for listeners in the room to ask questions with video? I could make them a “broadcaster” but I’m not sure how I would know to add them.


It seems like the only way to make the panel interactive is to end the broadcast and have people discuss in “circles”.


Do you have any examples of good meeting design with interaction?  I’m a newbie to and thinking through how to best use it.  Thanks!

3 replies

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Hi @JLiebermann,

it seems you also would like to have the same features for broadcasters as the ones I’ve suggested in my comment here:

Would indeed be cool to have these possibilities and I’m quite sure Wonder is looking at it for a future update.


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Thanks Hans -- I agree.  This would be great functionality to add.

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hey @JLiebermann, yup and yup: great ideas. @Hans has also got it right with his thread. 

Something on the list for sure!