Offline Events in the next 4-6 weeks ? End oy year party?

  • 17 November 2021
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Dear community, 

how are you currently planning your events with the current Corona situation? 
Online or Offline? 

We just agreed to change our event next week from Offline to an online version due to the high corona incidences in Germany. 


How are you planning to attend your end of year party? 

3 replies

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Hey @HayBee, I can’t speak to everyone else, but at Wonder, we use Wonder! Corny joke 😝

In terms of the Holiday Season right now and the Corona situation in Germany, we’re seeing a lot of Holiday events (Christmas Markets, End of Year parties) being hosted on Wonder. Personally, my family all lives in the USA (I’m in Berlin), and we always use Wonder to meet, open gifts, eat, and when one of my siblings is annoying me, I’ll just leave the circle and meet with someone else. 😃

Are your Holiday/End of Year parties being hosted on Wonder? 


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Hey @HayBee 
 We were planning to have an offline Christmas party at the office (in Budapest) but decided to go online this week due to the increase in numbers here as well. 
So we decided to go online. What we are doing is basically, turning our online Christmas party into an online talent show. I’m planning to have a 1-hour long talent show, where our employees can show their skills. It could include music, stand-up, dance, or any sort of talent. We encourage our people to do the live show but also let them join with recordings (you can imagine that some of them shy to go live or afraid of some technical issues)
 Then we will have an award ceremony and some speeches from our top executives. Awards differ from Amazon gift cards to Spa tickets :)
 What do you have in your mind?

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Hey @HayBee  did you come across any good examples yet? Apparently, all of the events will go fully live for this Christmas too. 
We are considering creating a little bit more chatty games like 2 truths and 1 lie. Individual points and rewards system is a bit more trust-related but what we look actually is fun element rather than competition so far :) 
 I would love to hear if you find any better ideas?