'Update available' while having a meeting or event

  • 28 October 2021
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Is it technically possible to avoid a message like this? If people lick on ‘Reload’ they loose the connection temporarily.  

Adding the possible to close the message (X) would help a lot.

Or just not mentioning this, as updates mostly aren’t that big or important, from my experience. As I’m using Wonder for all my meetings, I’ve seen the message quite a few time in the past 14 days.

I haven’t checked if it also appears during a broadcast.



Update available



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2 replies

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Yeah, I agree. And I'm the one who originally implemented this popup 😀

Just for some context, we added this in the early days of the alpha test, when we wanted those people who were trying out the new Wonder to really make sure they had the most up-to-date version, because we were basically building and fixing things by the minute.

So we made it, let's say, very encouraging to click the button.

Obviously we're no longer in that same situation, and even internally it has been brought up that this notification should be less in-your-face. So you're in good company -- I would expect this notification to be less pronounced pretty soon.

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Heya Hans!

I’m now happy to say that we yesterday (9 Nov) released an update that makes it so that you can dismiss the update available notification, and that it also auto-dismisses itself after a while.

Hope it helps!