What will the pricing be for WONDER?

  • 29 August 2021
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Hi All


I think this is a spectacular app and I have a perfect use case for it. I think it’s great that it’s free but that certainly won’t last forever.

Does anyone have any idea how much WONDER will cost before I make concrete plans for it?


Tim Martin


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3 replies

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Hey Tim! We haven’t released the specifics just yet but having a convo with one of the founders here:

Would love to hear your feedback!

Well… of the beautiful things about Wonder is the simplicity so it would be great not to muck it up with too much stuff.


White-labelling could certainly be charged for. Perhaps the ability to show a slide or screen-share?


Or add an intro/extro video to head and tail your event?

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hey @TimMan, we’re always aware that you all love the intuitiveness of Wonder and I can for sure assure you that we all have this in mind. Like we say, we don’t just want to create features (though, we will 😃), but human connections; so simplicity is key! 

Check out our ideas section and either write some of your own that aren’t there, or up vote them! that would be wonderful :D