Will Metaverse have negative effect on Virtual meetings?

  • 3 November 2021
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Hey folks, 

I just came across the following news today on Financial Times that Metaverse technology will be embedded in some online meeting tools like Teams.


In terms of Virtual Networking events; would you like to involve metaverse characters? I know it is hard to create human interaction feeling in virtual networking already, but I’m not sure that If I would love to open it to the metaverse. I really love technology, but thinking that this integration would break all the efforts to create a realistic 1-1 meeting experience.



2 replies

Hey Matthew,

I don’t believe it will cause any negative effect to the 1-1 communications. Actually, Virtual Events are already masking some people to reflect their true selves. I think we have to agree that these virtual experiences give people a chance to create their unique identities and they are part of this world now. 

I think adding metaverse vision in those meetings could also increase the engagement for the people that whoever like to hide their real character and want to act/be known as the person whom they want to be. Of course, there are upsides and downsides in legality as well, but one thing is certain that it will increase the fun and erase the borders between people. 

I think digital immersion in itself is neither good nor bad. It can be good for some people, for others it can be very bad, but in itself it is neutral.

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Hey @MatthewH thanks for the very exciting topic and @JayLuka for an intriguing response! 

This is my personal opinion (not Wonder’s), but it’s too early right now to exactly know what this Metaverse is going to look like (referring here to FB). Metaverse has been around already, depending on how you define it (VR/AR is already an adoption of alternative ways of interacting). I just found this article that gives a really nice explanation of the history of the term, the current implications, and perhaps the future ones: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/11/everyone-pitching-the-metaverse-has-a-different-idea-of-what-it-is/

Regardless of the definitions and current interpretations, it’s definitely curious to see how this evolves. 

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