Wonder on Tablets: Join the Beta!

  • 11 March 2022
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You’ve asked, we’re delivering.

Wonder will soon be available tablets! To streamline the release we need your help. Join our beta and test the tablet functionality and you will get:

  • The eyes and ears of our key product drivers at Wonder! Say hello @Boris Libeert ! Boris is our lead PM here at Wonder. He loves feedback.
  • Firsthand experience with our Wonder tablet offering.
  • Digital highfives.

Interested? Simply create a Wonder space on your tablet, invite your friends, and take our survey.

You’ll need:

  • A bit of familiarity with Wonder on a desktop. Maybe you’ve hosted an event or 2?
  • Ownership of a testable tablet (it needs to have a resolution of 600-900 pixels but nearly all tablets do).
  • Willing to take a survey at the end of the beta.
  • A heart of gold.

Thanks for helping make Wonder grow!

Please note:

The beta version will have a reduced features set as compared to desktop. Below is the list of features that are not available on tablet:

  • Screensharing

Known issues as of March 11:

You may hear yourself while talking on Safari.
There are a few issues with airpod use.

5 replies

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This is awesome!

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Hi, are you planning to make wonder available on smartphones, too, anytime soon?

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I am glad that is going in this direction!   and the release is perfect timing for our upcoming event.

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Hey @AnkeH , yes we are working on it. Tablet testing is the first pillar for us to reaching our goal for mobile compability and hoping to launch mobile support soon ! 

@simekjb we are looking forward to it ! 

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BTW - I tried on both my samsung tablet and android pixel phone - it worked really really well.

Keep up the good work!!