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  • 5 August 2021
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Exploring the use of WONDER with young people in a safe and secure environment.


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Hey @kahumau, do you have any suggestions on how to use Wonder with young people or providing a safe and secure environment in general? 

We do have many teachers use Wonder in the lower levels. They create room areas with different topics, i.e. Math, Science, History,  etc., Then the students go and discuss the assignments and the teacher bounces between different areas. When they want to speak to everyone in the room, they broadcast? 

Do you have any other ideas? 💭😃 

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Great idea! I have been thinking about using Wonder in ‘patient support groups’ and language cafes. One of the things that increases the feeling of safety is the fact that conversations can be locked. I do get a lot of questions in relation to GDPR/ privacy & security though. Anyone with one solid disclaimer in this area that would satisfy the worried ICT-experts??


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Hey @EmilievanRappard great points!

We are aware of the guests ability to lock a circle being somewhat problematic and working on a fix. Depending on the use case, you can kick someone out of the room, or enter the broadcast to disrupt the communication. 

when it comes to GDPR and privacy compliancy we take this VERY seriously.

on our homepage you can see the tip of the iceberg for GDPR that’s mostly for the lawyers, with a simpler exploration found here:


hope that helps

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Haha indeed - I heard a teacher complain about 2 students locking themselves out :smiley:

Thanks for the GDPR links. Will save them in our folder. If you have any advocates of large companies or - even better - municipalities etc, that would be really helpful. So that I can say ‘well, the German court uses it already’ or something like that. 

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Harvard Law,, NASA are bigger companies and certain functions of the Dutch government (education) are the first that come to mind.

Let me ask the team for more specific German use cases.

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Wow that is a nice and impressive list. If there is any chance the Dutch government are willing to make a testimonial? Would help me a great deal introducing it to related parties (our governmental bodies are usually quite reluctant to try out/ whitelist any new tools)

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@EmilievanRappard I’ll message my contact there :) stay tuned