Mobile devices, tablets and Safari

  • 5 January 2022
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Hello everyone, 

we would really like to use Wonder in our next online event. while participants may not want to join via mobile phone they might likely via tablet. does anyone know if wonder supports the use via tablet by now?


it´s likely that Apple-users want to join with Safari as their favorite browser. Does Wonder support Safari by now? 


Have a good day or night, depending wherever you are at the moment


2 replies

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Hey @Janett,

We’re still not supporting tablets, as well as Safari, at the moment. We used to support both, and mobile, but decided to suspend support simply because we’re growing really quickly and want to give full attention to desktops/laptops, and Chrome, Edge, and Firefox so that you’ll have the absolute best experience if Wonder, free of any bugs (that was a mouthful of a sentence!). 

In all honesty, not sure when we’ll re-support tablets, mobile devices, and Safari, but this is - of course - on our radar. Apologies if this causes any inconveniences; we definitely understand. 

If you end up using Wonder for your next event, we wish you all of the best!! 😃🚀 

Wishing you a great morning from Berlin 😊

D*mit, i wasn´t aware about that Safari is not supported. Iam on a mac using Brave instead of safari and never realized, that my community will not be able to use wonder. :-/ That´s a killing feature for my crowd, especially with the lack of support for iPhone/mobil and iPad/tablet. 

Please add support to Safari - the MacOS world want to join the wonder world aswell :)