Where can I check that Federated Access (Single Sign On) or MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) will be built?

  • 11 January 2022
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Hello, where can I have this visibility? And if this is not on the roadmap - is there a way I can create a service ticket request for this to be added whenever possible?


Also is there any explanation/links that include context around why SSO/MFA are not there yet?


Any help is appreciated!

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Hey Mishal,

Firstly happy new year!!

I am Andy from Wonder, I was interested in understanding your use case more behind SSO and MFA since our product essentially does not have the concept of a user just avatars that essentially can be disregarded by simply clearing browser cache.

Can you give me an example of the flow you would see being useful apart from the Avatar creation process?

Or is there a specific use case that you really need this feature for? 


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Hey Andy - thanks for your quick response!


I’m looking to get Wonder approved in my organisation internally and the Info Security team asked this question. This context is helpful so that I can get back to them with the same.

Our product essentially does not have a concept of a user just avatar…


Let me get back to you if there is a specific use case that we really need this feature for. I’m hoping there is not so that we can start using Wonder asap.



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@mishal Hope you are doing ok :)!

Michael from Wonder here! Were you able to get the platform adopted by your company?

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Unfortunately not yet :/


Because the internal risk team wants SSO/MFA to be added from a security lens although I’ve tried to explain what @andy has mentioned.

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@mishal thanks a million for taking the time to respond. Forwarding this information to the product drivers. Can you share the company you work for? It would be really helpful to help move the needle.  Feel free to send me a private message. thanks again!