Alpha Test Wonder 2.0

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Alpha Test Wonder 2.0

Shhhh - we’ve got some exciting news to share.

Wonder 2.0 is coming out soon and we’re looking to give a superstar group of users early access to our alpha version. You’ll be able to try it out, tell us what you think, and recommend updates.



Interested? We’re choosing our most active community members for this reward.

To become an active community member:

  • Create discussion posts and post questions
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I am eager to see the new features!


Is here any sneak-peak 😉 ?

As a futurist, I love pulling disparate ideas together and creating something new - whether it’s my own project or someone else’s. I’d love to play along in the venture. The thing I love most about Wonder (formerly known as Yo Tribe!) is the very human aspect. I often coach students and patients back into their bodies when on screen and this platform really helps.

I’d love to be invited! 😃😝

Bring it on!

I am in the innovation space (teaching and research about innovation). So alpha-tests really my department ;-)

That’s cool ! I look forwards to see the new version ! I already enjoyed many times the first version, it’s such a wonderful idea to connect my german and french learning groups !

Thank you very much!

I would definitely be curious to see what the new version of wonder will look like if I am invited. :grin:

Interested to test the alpha, a I am waiting for new features for our events :-)

I’d love to find out more about this. I guess I’ll have to start some discussions to get involved, then!

@Jazzness wow! for a minute I thought I was in bizarro world.

I wrote a comment in another community where my opening sentence was nearly verbatim to what you have written here. ::Blew my mind::

Together what @Bernd.Ebersberger wrote, I feel like I am reading my own words. It’s like I found my tribe! :grin:

@KaterMUC @dgugel  @Tracey Booth @Bernd.Ebersberger @Jeanne @Vivian @Hero @niilante @Jazzness @Just 

Hey all, 👋

If you haven’t already, please join our Beta test group! We’re getting close to the launch of Wonder 2.0 and would love your help! 

@Just I’m so happy you’ve found your Wonder Tribe! Do you think @Just, @Jazzness, @Bernd.Ebersberger we should create a group for innovation, futurism, etc.? I’d definitely love to be a part of that one. Just not exactly sure the title and content. What do you all think?! 💭