Christmas has just arrived to the Wonder !

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Christmas has just arrived to the Wonder !

Hello everyone ! 


It's the most Wonder-ful time of the year! Christmas has just arrived to our Wonder Spaces. We know it is already so much fun and enegizing to have an event on Wonder, but it is time to level up ! 

We would love to introduce you Christmas mode ! 


How to turn on?

As a host, you can now turn on Christmas Mode for your room by clicking the Santa icon on the right side of your screen.



Everyone in the Space will get a Santa hat, snow will start falling, and using the 'Command' key you can throw snowballs at the other people in the Space!



The sound will last 10 seconds and Christmas Mode will end for everyone after a minute.


How to turn off ? 

Click the Santa icon to turn off Christmas Mode! Happy Holidays from Wonder!


Enjoy your gatherings and have wonderful events ! 

Hi, thanks for that new feature :)

How long will it stay? We would like to use it in an event on the 27th of January.

Hey @jheinath , 

Glad you like it. It is not decided yet but we expect to see at least until mid January. 

I would keep you posted if any decision make :) 

Hey @Mert, 

would be nice if you could keep it until our event is over ;)

We want to use it as sound signal for all participants to know when 15 minutes are over to rotate groups. Maybe you could also see this as a feature for the future. (Then maybe without the nice christmas touch)


Oh ,@jheinath  that is an amazing idea ! 

I will definetly share this with our product team, sounds like you found a great idea to facilitate better events on Wonder already :) 

Christmas feature is little bit more symbolic of course, but without Christmas touch would be interesting.

Thanks for the share !

 If possible, I like the idea of having a bank of previous fun features as new ones are added that a host can choose from.  For example, people can choose the feature for “Christmas in July” event of even late January if another fun feature is added.

The challenge is now that has set some lofty precedent for itself by creating something so fun, that we are going to expect new ones for different parts of the year. . . . anticipation builds.  :)


Exactly @simekjb , 

We are working closely with the team about new potential features like Xmas mode ! 

I hope we can share some good news upcoming seasonal holidays :) 

Stay tuned !