How we celebrated Xmas on Wonder 🤶🏻🎄🎅🏻

How we celebrated Xmas on Wonder 🤶🏻🎄🎅🏻

Hello everyone, 

Want to host a virtual Christmas party but don’t know where to start? Feel free to take a leaf (or a pine needle) out of our book and try your own version of Team Wonder’s Christmas Party! 

We worked with Easy Peasy Makers Club to bring unique experience to our team members. All ideas tested and approved with our team members :) 



...At least to begin with! We eased into party mode with a guided meditation session to relieve stress and switch off from work 😌

We booked four separate slots with a meditation guide, limited to five people per session. The goal of the session was to experience the power of silence and create a moment to decompress. Our expert helped us to connect with our inner peace, encourage awareness, and be present in the moment. This activity uplifted our mood after a long workday, and got us in a festive mood for the party 🥳



We brought some sparkle to the party with the help of a magician and fortune-teller ✨  The live magic show had us on the edge of our seats and got us into the festive spirit—what’s better than magic to disconnect from reality? The fortune-teller took us deeper into magical realms, with palm and tarot readings that told us what secrets the stars held for us. Looking into the future was the perfect way to get excited for a new year!



How to feel seen: get someone to draw your portrait! It was amazing to watch a talented artist make live drawings of our teammates on camera—while we impatiently waited our turn 😂  Afterwards, the artists sent us our portraits—both original and digitized!—so we all got a keepsake to remember our fun night forever.

If you want other really memorable ideas for a party, we highly recommend our partners Easy Peasy Makers Club, a creative event and project agency operating worldwide. Check them out and get this party started!

Psst! Want a simple way to spread the joy? Easy: Turn on Xmas Mode and start a snowball fight!

Happy Holidays from Wonder!

Your Wonder Team

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