🚨  New Feature Alert! Better Connections 💫

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🚨  New Feature Alert! Better Connections 💫

Hello everyone,


You’ve got upgrades! 💫

We can’t think of a better way to kick off 2022 than making it easier to connect with each other—so meet our new-and-improved features that help you find, meet, and get to know anyone in your Wonder Space.



Participant List

The easiest way to see everyone who’s in a Space, in one list. With a single click...


Find a specific person

Can’t see who you’re looking for? Simply enter their name into the search bar; when you see them, you can:

a) locate them in the Space

b) send them a private message

c) invite them to join you in a Circle.


Browse the attendee list

An easy way to see who’s here, and even check out their icebreaker answers!

Did you know? Icebreakers are great conversation starters—you might find something you have in common with someone, or their answer might be something you just have to ask them about!


Invite/Create Circle

Ask anyone to chat by creating a Circle, or inviting them to join a Circle you’re already in.

  • See someone who seems cool? Hover over their avatar in the Space, or click on their card in the Participant List; to create a Circle, just invite them to chat.
  • Already got a Circle going? Follow the steps above to invite anyone to join the Circle you’re in, and expand your discussion.

Here’s to making 2022 the year you find your people in a virtual Space ☺️ ✨

Give it a try now! Follow this link to your own personal Space 💫

Your Wonder Team

Love it. Onwards and upwards :rocket: