🚨 New Feature Alert! Better Facilitation 💫

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🚨  New Feature Alert! Better Facilitation 💫

Hello everyone,

You’ve got more upgrades! 💫


Circle Size Control

You can now determine how many people can be in a Circle at once. Once set, Circles will only be able to hold the selected number of participants.

For example:

  • Hosting a Workshop session? Set the size 3 or 6, depending on your participant number to increase effectiveness.
  • Here for a trivia night? Set the size 5 to increase competition or manage the teams.
  • Here to network? Groups of 3 is an optimal size for sustaining a meaningful conversation

Larger groups? You can set the size up to 14!

How do I set Circle Size?

The Circle size gives you more structure and control for your event and makes it easier for everyone to be active participants in the Space.

FYI: If the Circle size is updated while a Circle already exists, the effect will occur once people leave the Circle. For example, if there is a Circle with 8 participants, and the Host changes the Circle size to 2 participants, the Circle will remain uninterrupted until 6 people leave. You can change the circle size at any time, the conversations won’t be interrupted.

Icebreaker Selection

🧊🔨People deserve a better Icebreaker than “So, come here often…❓

Now, you have a library full of Icebreakers prepared by the Wonder team. You can pick any category to create that special vibe for your events. Going for “After Work Casual” or “Pensive Workshop”? We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few ideas: ☃️ 🔨

  • Hosting an event where people don’t know each other? Try something from “Intros”
  • Want to add your event some fun elements? Choose icebreaker from “Fun”

The answers to the Icebreaker are visible whether you hover over a person's Avatar with your cursor or thru the participant list!

Did you know? Changing your Icebreaker during an event will prompt your guests to answer the new Icebreaker question.

Give it a try now! Follow this link to your own personal Space 💫 

Your Wonder Team

This is really great! Love circle size control - such flexibility to have different sessions in different settings at the same time in one space!