🚨  New Feature Alert! Set a Topic for your Circle 💫

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🚨  New Feature Alert! Set a Topic for your Circle 💫

Hello everyone,

Your Wonder Spaces just got a serious upgrade → Circle Topics 💫


What this means:
You can now assign Circles with a topic that lets others know what you're there to talk about.

For example:

  • Hosting a training session? Name each Circle by workshop or training topic.
  • Here for a game night? Let each team name their own Circle.
  • Here to network? Direct attendees to Circles by topic.

This means never stumbling into the wrong room, and makes it easier for everyone to be right where they want to be.

How do I assign a topic?

  • Form a Circle in your Space
  • Click the "set Circle topic" button below the Circle
  • Name your topic (max. 16 characters)

Feel free to be creative when naming your topic! (But remember that topics should make it easier for people to find the right Circle, so maybe not too creative 😅 )

FYI: Anyone in the Circle can add and/or change Circle Topics.

Give it a try yourself—follow this link to your Spaces!

Your Wonder Team

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