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  • 7 January 2022
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Hi. I am organizing an event for work and will need to have 2 sign language interpreters present to provide interpretation to a colleague who is hearing impaired. Is there a way that I can: (1) “pin” the interpreters’ videos to always show in a preferred spot; and (2) is there a way to “connect” 3 people to travel together in the Wonder space?

1 reply

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hey @KarinS,

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do these 2 things in Wonder, at the moment. Of course, when Broadcasting, the sign language interpreters could join and then they’ll be seen by everyone.  While there is no way to “connect” these 3 people, they could always just follow each other in the Space. 

Of course, accessibility is very important to us and I can assure you that the right people are listening here. 

Wishing you a really great event!