Plenary function for 15+ participants?

  • 26 October 2021
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Hello all,
I am new to the community and have very little experience with
And I am already facing my first challenge. At a company event (approx. 100 participants) we want to meet in a “plenary session” at the beginning and give a short speech to everyone. Is that possible with If I see it correctly, that would be a cycle with 100 participants. But only allows 15, right? Or am I thinking wrong here?
Many thanks in advance!

4 replies

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@Icamani, you can have up to 1500 users in a room but only 15 in a circle (which is sort of like a breakout room). In your case, you might have 100 people in your room (with multiple circles within the room) and then a Broadcast for the speech which is visible to the entire room.

Think of a Wonder room like a cocktail party. There are many tables or groups of people standing around and you can move from group to group to meet new people and chat with them. But there’s also a stage with a microphone that a host or speaker can use to interrupt conversation and talk to the entire room.

Hope that helps:-)

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hey @Icamani and thanks, @granata for answering! 

We’re almost done releasing our Wonder 2.0 version and there are a few changes. We can now have 14 people in a circle and can support up to 500 people inside one Space. We’re focusing more on Networking and have therefore decided to decrease the Space amount a bit. We’re currently working on updating all of our info and will send out some exciting things in the next few weeks! 

Excited to be sharing with you all this news very soon! 😃🥳💙

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I hope I don’t have more than 500 attendees at my event in November (www.ictconnect,be), or will the premium models be released by then, with bigger circles and bigger Spaces for those who really want them? 

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hey @Hans sorry for the delay in response! how did your event go? I’m sure it went swell :) 

So, I’m sure you saw that Hosts can now customize Circle Sizes (14 is still the max), and Spaces are still at 500 - they’ll most likely stay there. But we are working on Areas being able to see and hear more than 14 people; not exactly sure the number just yet, but this is the new update. 

Since we’re really focusing on the networking and relationship-building aspects of virtual gatherings, 500 is what we’ll stay on, at least for the near-mid future. Hope you’re doing well, @Hans, and wishing you a very happy holiday season!